Published on October 30 2023

New members

We extend a warm welcome to those who have recently joined us :-)


Welcome to

PhD students

Sara AVENDANO (ERES) : Maternal Adverse Childhood Experiences, perinatal mental health and child development: investigating the contributions of psychosocial and biological markers, supervised by Judith van der Waerden.

Maharjan DIKSHYA (NEMESIS) : Short term-vascular effects of air pollutants and low frequency to high frequency noise: towards an advocacy for the transition of urban and transport systems, supervised by Basile Chaix.

Patricia MACNEIL (ERES) : Cancers liés-au-tabac chez les personnes nées à l'étranger en France, supervised by Simon Ducarroz and Gwenn Menvielle.

Gustave MAFFRE-MAVIEL (ERES) : Les liens entre la consommation de cannabis et le risque suicidaire, supervised by Maria Melchior.

Marie-Noel ZAYAT (ERES) : Analyse de l’essai randomisé contrôlé pragmatique STOP (Sevrage Tabagique à l'aide des Outils dédiés selon la Préférence), supervised by Fabienne El-Khoury and Gladys Ibanez.

Other members

Paul BURGAT (CLEPIVIR) : Biostatistician (projects ANRS-MIE).

Mays KABAKIBI (ERES) : Administrative management assistant.