Therapeutic strategies for HIV infection and associated viral diseases

Anne-Geneviève MARCELIN

The THERAVIR team is an alliance from basic to clinical and populationbased research towards medical progress in the fight against HIV/AIDS. It provides a unique opportunity to mix basic scientists, clinicians involved in infectious disease research, epidemiologists and statisticians.


Team presentation

Our research is characterized by both fundamental and applied approaches. We are developing projects with immediate implications on the management of patients and decision-making processes in health institutions but also more fundamental projects devoted to better characterize the genetics, physiology and ecology of HIV and its associated viral diseases.

Our scientific program is based on translational research: from bench to bedside to population. The interplay between these different approaches is a key point of our team. It is quite unique to develop in the same team researches that go from new drugs development, to the clinical efficacy evaluation and the implementation in population, with also an orientation and strong involvement towards low-income countries.

We search to optimize the current preventive and therapeutic strategies to fight this pathogen and we develop new approaches on both aspects. The effectiveness but also cost and cost-effectiveness of these interventions will be evaluated to propose decision-making strategies. All these researches are largely based on cohorts and clinical trials coordinated through the Agence Nationale de Recherches sur le SIDA et les hépatites virales (ANRS) monitoring and statistical data analysis center of the team.

Despite the universally recommended antiretroviral treatment, HIV infection remains a major challenge in France with a stable number of new infections, the need for long life therapy and its burden of complications with increased risk in comorbidities for aging patients (i.e cancers) and in antiviral resistance.

Based on these aspects, four areas have been identified: antiretroviral therapeutic strategies, pathophysiology of HIV persistence, HIV associated cancers, public health (HIV epidemic control and resistance surveillance).