Our Work

The heart of our work is public health epidemiology, which includes clinical, population and social epidemiology, as well as pharmaco-epidemiology, biostatistics, statistical and mathematical modeling, clinical research, methodology and clinical trials, relationships between environment and health, social determinants of health and health care organizations.

In terms of applications, we mainly deal with communicable diseases (influenza, HIV infection, viral hepatitis...), nosocomial and emerging infections, chronic diseases (chronic inflammatory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, psychiatric diseases) and management in intensive care units

Our Missions

To serve public health by conducting high quality research. To achieve this, we unite our efforts not only within teams via transversal working groups but also by collaborating with other research teams and public and private institutions (see collaboration, partners, publications...) in order to produce quality results and thus enlighten policy makers in public health decision making.

Our Ethic

Within our institute, whatever the field of research, the respect of scientific integrity is our priority. With the support of our supervisors and other team leaders of the institute, we ensure that scientific publications are issued from quality data. Thus you can find in the Publications section all the articles published with the approval of our institute. (link publication)