Transmissible diseases

(influenza, HIV infection, viral hepatitis...), nosocomial infections, emerging infectious diseases...

Presentation of the research field

Communicable diseases include all diseases caused by the transmission of a pathogen such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, prions and fungi. They are spread, directly or not, from one person to another. They therefore cover a wide range of benign pathologies such as the common cold or angina, but also serious ones such as Ebola or pneumonia caused by bacteria that are multi-resistant to antibiotics. Finally, they can result in chronic diseases when the pathogen or its consequences persist in the body. They are at the center of society's concerns today (with the COVID crisis or the increase in antibiotic resistance by bacteria), as well as with the emergence of new agents that are still unknown.
Communicable diseases are the main research theme of the three teams SUMO, CLEPIVIRE and THERAVIR.