Clinical research

Methodology, clinical trials, therapeutic strategies

Presentation of the research field

As defined on the Inserm website, "clinical research corresponds to scientific studies carried out on human beings, with a view to developing biological or medical knowledge. It is prospective research, which involves the follow-up of patients or healthy volunteers. This research is essential to better understand and treat diseases and to identify potential risk factors. In France, this research is governed by the Jardé law."

All IPLESP teams are involved in clinical research. Randomized clinical trials on the evaluation of a drug or a medical device by lottery, a branch of clinical research, are mainly carried out in the THERAVIR and PEPITES teams, but other IPLESP teams contribute to the realization of trials evaluating the efficacy of a non-drug intervention - this is the case, for example, of ERES which is piloting a trial evaluating an original approach to smoking cessation among people in social precariousness.