Published on March 17 2024

IPLESP seminar on march 13, 2024

New session of the Institute's seminar.
The SUMO, CLEPIVIR et ERES teams presented their work.

Link to the seminar recording

Rangées de chaises colorées

Seminar Program

SUMO team

  • Update on monitoring healthcare-associated infections and antibiotic resistance - automated monitoring of surgical site infections
    (Pascal Astagneau)


  • Evolution of cancers risk in PWH over 20 years and risks when immunity is restored and viral load is controlled. Results from the ANRS CO4 FHDH cohort
    (Sophie Grabar)

ERES team

  • Longitudinal Effects of Maternal Depressive and Anxious Symptomatology on Child Outcomes
    (Naomi Downes)