Environment and health

Mobility, on-board sensors, climate change

Presentation of the research field

According to the WHO, environmental health comprises those aspects of human health, including quality of life, that are determined by the physical, chemical, biological, social, psychosocial and aesthetic factors of our environment. It also includes the policy and practice of management, remediation, control and prevention of environmental factors that may affect the health of present and future generations.

The concept of "One Health" addresses the close links between human health, animal health and the overall ecological state. It aims to promote a multidisciplinary and global approach to health issues and therefore includes a strong environmental component.

Two research teams of the IPLESP are particularly involved in the field of environment in health, the NEMESIS team which investigates how environments and neighborhoods influence health and which explores the impact of mobility and transportation on health; and the SUMO team which develops "One Health" projects mainly on vector-borne diseases. This last theme is also emerging in the THERAVIR team.