Published on June 24 2024

IPLESP seminar on june 12, 2024

New session of the Institute's seminar.
The THERAVIR, NEMESIS and PEPITES teams presented their works.

Link to the seminar recording

Rangées de chaises colorées

Seminar Program


  • "La recherche Clinique sur la fièvre de Lassa en Afrique de l'ouest" (Marie Jaspard)


(Giovanna Fancello)

  • "Evaluation of the heterogeneity of air pollution exposur in mobility tracks: a focus on Paris public transport network lines and personal cars" (Paula Barral Olgades)
  • "Evaluation of the effects of air pollutants on lung function using ambulatory air pollution data from the Mobilisense project" (Najat Risk)


  • "A methodological review of the high-dimensional propensity score in comparative-effectiveness and safety-of-interventions research finds incomplete reporting relative to algorithm development and robustness" (Guillaume Martin)
  • "On variance estimation of the inverse probability-of-treatment weighting estimator: A tutorial for different types of propensity score weights" (David Hajage)